Aug 3, 2002

Union COMELEC Declares New Set of Board of Directors

COMELEC Declares New Set of Board of Directors

List of Newly Elected Officers Union (2002-2007)

President: Carlos "Caloy" Carlos

Executive Secretary: Alex "Alevars" Rutagines

Secretary of Education: Rommel "Bogart" Apalit

Secretary of Finance: Rico Laurinaria

Secretary of Welfare: Holy Montero

Secretary of Grievance: Jacinto "Sonny" Prado

Secretary of Organization: Alvin Solis

CBA Secretary: Renato " Bebot "Rallama

Board and Large
1. Ricardo "Jhun" Reyes
2. Paterno "Peter" Potot
3. Joel Rizardo

Chairperson / COMELEC



1. Any member in good state (member in good standing) and members for at least a year (and least member for one year) can run in that election.

2. Any candidate for must file a certificate of candidacy (sample form attached as Annex "A") or certificate of nomination (sample form attached Annex "B").

2.1 The certificate of candidacy shall have the signature of the candidate himself.

2.2 The certificate of nomination should have the signature of who mumungkahi and signatures as well as candidates.

2.3 The certificate of candidacy or certificate of nomination must be filed (file) to KOMELEK Union office at 2 nd Floor, CM Eusebio Construction Bldg., cor. 15 th Ave. and P. Tuazon St., Cubao Quezon linked from Hunyo20, 2002 and NOT later than 5:00 PM of 20Hulyo 2002.

3. the members of the Union shall elect eleven (11) directors who come from the following:

Six (6) directors from Operations;

Four (4) directors from the Commissary, and

One (1) director from Service Engineering, and

Two (2) auditors to be elected by all members of the Union.

4. The polls will be held in the following areas: Commissary Division, Pasco Ave., Pasig City Union Office, 2 nd Floor, Cor. P. Tuazon and 15 th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City; Glorieta Store, Quad Theater, Makati Commercial Center, Makati, Service Engineering, Sgt. Catolos St., Cubao, Quezon City, P. Miranda Store, Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila (Please refer to listing attached as Annex "C")

4.1. Any regular member of KOMELEK can get from regular employees of his help in conducting the election.

Charge of elections in Jollibee Sucat Precint is a deputy member of KOMELEK. A deputy member also KOMELEK the magpapaboto in Jollibee Valenzuela.

4.2 The election of the provincial stores are governed by shop stewards at each store.

4.3 The voting will begin at 7:00 am and end at 4:00 pm Hulyo27, 2002 Commissary and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on July 17, 2002 in Operations and Service Engineering.

5 KOMELEK to notify the candidates rejected his candidacy no later than three (3) days from receipt of the certificate of candidacy KOMELEK or moninasyon.

6 The KOMELEK will make a list of candidates and is posted by each "voting booth" at each precinct.

7 All official ballot shall be signed by the regular members of KOMELEK.


8 show voter KOMELEK his ID and ensure the KOMELEK that the ID he stated that the voters.

KOMELEK given the voter a ballot and the voter will be asked over his name on the list of voters at the time of his vote.

In the "voting booth" mailing voter a ballot and then pour the voter ballot said "ballot box".

9 The voting a pesinto may stop before the time limit if everyone voted st to prove to the rest yet nakakaboto does not come because, for example, the voter is sick, on vacation or in remote provinces.

10 After voting for Operations in Sucat Precint and Valenzuela, the deputy KOMELEK and the shop stewards in provincial stores will do the following:

· Fill in the face of "unused" all ballots NOT used, asked to sign any regular employee or supervisor before the ballot and put it in an envelope and mailing the outside of the envelope as "unused ballots" and then seselyuhan the envelope.

· Place all unused ballots in an envelope with the letter out of the envelope "unused ballots" and then seselyuhan.

· Place the ballot, voter lists, tally sheets and other election equipment large envelope and to bring or send to the office of the Union 2 nd Floor, CM Eusebio Construction Bldg., cor. P. Tuazon and 15 th Ave., Cubao, Quezon City.

· Arriving at the office of the Union, the ballots are counted (count) and, while the unused ballots (ballots used) facing down, look at whether the signature on the ballot is the original and genuine signatures and then khahalo other ballot. does not apply to provincial stores.

Counting of votes

In Commissary, provincial stores and Service Engineering, arrival time or the time found no voting the counting will start to finish.

The regular members of KOMELEK the ballot reader and his assistant who enroll in "tally sheet".

The counted ballots (ballots used) and unused ballots (unused ballots) were placed in separate "envelope" and they include "tally sheet" be taken or mailed to the Union office in Cubao, Quezon City, where it counted.

The ballots in Sucat sub-precint, Valenzuela and Commissary Operations for ya mix then count the ballots at the polls in the office of the Union.

The results of the elections for provincial stores Operations per shop steward will notify the Union office by long distance (tel. no. 912-6226) or by telegram or FAX no. 733-6237. The ballots, voter lists and tally sheets will be forwarded to the Union office by mail or messenger.

Proclamation of the winning candidate

Commissary in the first four (4) candidates with the highest votes will be declared the winning director for the Commissary.

· The highest votes to candidates in Service Engineering is the declared winning director for Service Engineering.

· The first six (6) candidates with the highest vote is the declared winning Operations Director for Operations.

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