Aug 14, 2011


Principles of Trade Unions
Having been born in this world, a worker has a right to life - a decent life - as any other human being. He/She does not ask for it for anything. She/He contributes her/his LABOR – or shall we say she/he invests her/his labor, which is the most important factor that is required for an industry and vital for the economic growth of a nation.
Principles of Trade Unions
In this respect, it should be understood that CAPITAL alone produces nothing without LABOR. In order to protect and promote their interests including a fair return for their labor, better working facilities and other benefits, workers organize themselves into trade unions.
Principles of Trade Unions
A trade union can be defined as;

A trade union is a continuing and permanent
democratic organization, voluntarily created of,
by and for workers to protect them at their
work, to improve the conditions of their work through
collective bargaining procedures, to seek to better the
conditions of their lives, to secure their natural rights,
and to provide an effective means of expression of the
workers views on the problem of society and politics.
Principles of Trade Unions
A trade union is an organization OF THE WORKERS, BY THE WORKERS, and FOR THE WORKERS.


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