Jul 13, 2010


1. Improvement of workplaces and reduction of industrial accidents
To conduct occupational safety and health activities suited to actual conditions from the perspective of workers. It is noted to protect workers and their families from industrial accidents through an occupational safety and health programme led not by management but by labour unions.

2. Improvement of labour-management relations

To increase opportunities for dialogue between labour and management and improve relations by raising awareness by the promotion of occupational safety and health. These are in the interest of both sides and encouraging mutual cooperation. By negotiating with management, union members gain the skills of persuasion.

3. Changing workers’ attitudes

To increase the self-confidence of workers and promote to change attitudes by making workers think and act by themselves through participating the programme.

4. Strengthening of union organization

To build and strengthen the network among union leaders through their participation in the programme together; to make nonunion members aware of the importance of labour unions and to promote their formation of organizations and union membership by teaching them about occupational safety and health.

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