Jul 13, 2010

Role of POSITIVE trainers

Role of POSITIVE trainers

Anyone can become a POSITIVE trainer as long as they are union members with an interest in occupational safety and health in the workplace. The participation of union members who can support the implementation of seminars held on the initiative of unions is important.

In order to become a POSITIVE trainer, first of all the union member participates in a basic POSITIVE seminar and learns the basic manner of POSITIVE programme. It is hoped that a pilot seminar participants will become trainers in next seminars. Trainers with a lot of experiences in holding the POSITIVE programme (core trainers) play a leading role in seminar plans to groom trainers. Then they plan serial training at the factory or regional level.

In the POSITIVE seminars, union members in workplaces receive training from core POSITIVE trainers. After completing the course, they take the training tools back with them and are able to implement seminars in the region or workplace where they themselves work. In order to support trainers who have engaged in these activities, follow-up seminars and trainer meetings at the domestic or regional level are held, as well as international meetings for the exchange of experiences.

POSITIVE trainers have the following five basic roles:

To consider the composition and schedule of planned POSITIVE programme seminars
To prepare necessary training materials and places
To compile a concise presentation on the six technical areas of the POSITIVE programme
To support the active participation of participants using facilitating technology
To plan and implement the continuous follow-up of improvement activities

For each seminar, they select the district for holding the seminar, eligible participants, plants for checklist practice, and so on in coordination with the national center and regional centers. Since it is important to study local good examples in the seminar, the trainers visit candidate plants for checklist practice beforehand, collect good examples, and utilize them in the seminar. After studying the good examples, the trainers outline specific and effective improvement proposals and compile action plans for improvement in their own workplaces.

It is important for POSITIVE trainers to act not as teachers giving lectures but as facilitators who encourage participants to take an active part in group discussions.


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