Jul 13, 2010

What is the POSITIVE programme?

POSITIVE stands for "Participation-Oriented Safety Improvement by Trade-union InitiatiVE. " The POSITIVE programme was developed as a participatory training programme for the promotion of occupational safety and health by trade unions. This programme is implemented by national centers in ten countries in Asia by the support of JILAF.

The POSITIVE programme holds short training seminars of three or four days to train trade union members in order to improve the working conditions and environment. The objective is to promote, through trade union activities, occupational safety and health activities from the perspective of workers so that they can ensure their human rights.

The basic principle of the programme is participation. Participants in the seminars learn from local good examples that have already been put into practice in order to improve the working environment. Attention is given to low-cost improvement. By using an action checklist in an actual workplace and discussing the results with their colleagues, union members are provided training that leads to workplace improvement activities related to occupational safety and health. As follow-up activities as well, discussions are held with the objective of supporting the continued activities of workers.

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